GESIPA 7300010 PowerBird® Pro 18V Rivet Gun


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GESIPA PowerBird® Pro 7300010
With two slide-on, rechargeable 18.0V/2.1Ah battery packs and charger* in plastic carrying case

Part no. 7300010

Powerful and fast
The PowerBird® Pro enhances the new Pro series and will be available during the course of the year. With a setting force of 15,000 N and the well proven brushless motor, the PowerBird® Pro is powerful and fast when setting blind rivets up to Ø 6.4 mm in any material. The optional Autoreverse function additionally shortens the pulling process, ensuring the PowerBird® Pro is immediately ready for operation. The stroke has been substantially increased to 25 mm for the purpose of setting particularly long rivets.

The variable tool
Blind rivets from Ø 4.8 mm steel, up to Ø 6.4 mm all materials, up to Ø 8 mm aluminium, except G-Bulb Ø 6.4 mm. BULB-TITE® blind rivets up to Ø 7.7 mm all materials. MEGA GRIP® blind rivets up to Ø 6.4 mm all materials.

Technical data:
Setting force:                     15,000 N
Weight:                                 2.0 kg with battery
Drive:                                     18 V brushless DC motor (BLDC)
Stroke:                                   25 mm

Nosepieces: 17/32, 17/36, 17/40 and 17/45